"It's a very relaxing experience to know that Dariusz's standards of what it means to do a good job are higher than yours are. Not only that, but the houses look good in the street, as if they have been there forever. Dariusz is amazing, and all his guys are amazing."

Sheridan P.


"I have huge respect for Dariusz as a businessman and a builder. He is a man of great integrity and he has put together a terrific team."

Marvin P.

"Dariusz takes major personal pride in his work. He does beautiful work overall, but he is really great on the details. Another thing I like is that the whole crew really respects that they are in someone else's home. They are very presentable, courteous, prompt, and they do great work."

Ellen S.

"We were extremely pleased with Dariusz, Peter and everybody else at GN Builders. They are great builders. We would recommend them to people and we would use them again ourselves."

 Katie G.

"GN Builders' construction shows solid craftsmanship. (The company) takes an Old World approach to delivering a high-quality house. Not only that, but Dariusz will also stick with the product like he's your partner."

Rich D.

"They're good. They're very good. Dariusz is a super-fair guy, and the guys who work for him are great. They work hard. They're on time. They do incredible work."

Cathy S.

"I would call GN builders artisans. They are incredibly dedicated in terms of their integrity and attention to detail. It is a pleasant surprise to find people you can trust and rely on."

Mary R.

"Dariusz is an amazing builder. He is very easy to work with. He is responsive, conscientious and has a lot of great ideas."

Natasha M.

"I have been very, very happy with what Dariusz has done for me. He is very easy to work with and his people are great."

Tom S. (1) 

"[GN Builders' people] are incredibly efficient, thoughtful and careful, and as concerned about the money and time that go into a project as you would expect them to be if they were the client. And they are nice. There is a consistency, a trust that has been built up between them and me."

Tom S. (2) 

"All their people are really hard-working. Victor is just a gem. He is really smart, and he is always thinking about the details."

Eszter B.

"Dariusz is extremely competent and reliable. He consistently provides nothing but the best. As to Victor and the other guys, I can't say enough good about them. I would recommend them to anyone."

David B.

"Dariusz is very easy to work with, very calm but with an amazing eye for detail - a perfectionist. His team does lovely work. I would recommend them in a heartbeat."

Aarti K.

"Dariusz's projects are harmonious, detailed and beautiful. His team of employees and subs are as smart and cultured as he is. They are not what one typically thinks about when thinking about construction.”

Michael G.