When I was a boy growing up in Warsaw, Poland, my favorite pastime was to watch the workers in my grandfather's metal and carpentry shop in the nearby town of Radzyn Podlaski. My cousins and I would collect scraps of material and together we used them to build our own projects. The craft of carpentry was part of this and was part of my youth. If you had asked me then, what do you want to be when you grow up? I would have answered without hesitation - I want to build houses. So, I can tell you that my dreams have come true - one hundred percent.


In my family, love of craftsmanship was very close to love of art. My grandfather ran a workshop and a school of craftsmanship and also found time for his passions, playing the violin and restoring grand pianos. Music also became my passion. Learning to perform classical music on the piano and clarinet taught me to understand the need for classical order in every form, so that in all my projects I seek symmetry, architectural forms, and simplicity of style.


When I came to the United States in 1992, I quickly understood the opportunities this country offers.

I founded my own small business, at first specializing in all kinds of renovations and reconstructions. The first home I built in 1999 convinced me that I had found a vocation that not only would allow me to achieve my own dreams, but would also give me a chance to demonstrate the love of artistry and beautiful craftsmanship with which I was raised.


Each project I undertake continues to be - and always has been - a new challenge and another opportunity to achieve yet another personal goal. The building of a lovely house requires good organization and the work of many skilled people. Ideal cooperation is possible only with a team of workers who are precise, who understand each other and who have worked together for many years.

I compare the work of that kind of team to the gorgeous sound of a perfectly tuned symphony orchestra. The architect is the composer, the skilled workers are the musicians, and the one who coordinates the creation of the structure entrusted to him fills the role of the conductor. The joy of creating a structure with such a team may be as great as the satisfaction of the homeowners who will enjoy the home for many, many years.


I hope the pleasure and pride I take in building your home will shine through for you every day you live there.